Why Garzón, Uruguay Is the World’s Best Under-the-Radar Foodie Destination

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On a Monday evening, standing on a dirt road in a tiny Uruguayan town, I found myself sipping a grapefruit Negroni and mingling with a group of journalists and wine industry professionals. Some fires blazed nearby, sending wafts of smoke up into the air as a scraggly dog sat near my feet and waiters passed [...]

How Punta del Este Became the Jet-Set Playground of South America

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There's a reason it's known as the “Monaco of the South." Every year, in the period between Christmas and New Year’s, the population of Punta del Este, Uruguay swells from under 10,000 to around 400,000. About two hours up the coast from Montevideo, Punta—as the locals call it—has been dubbed the “Hamptons of South America” [...]

Uruguay’s The Sharks Wins the Awards for Best Film and Best Actress at the Milan Film Festival

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The Uruguayan film The Sharks / Los tiburones, the debut feature by writer-director Lucía Garibaldi, has topped the 24th edition of the Milan Film Festival winning the awards for Best International Feature and for Best Actress. An engaging and provocative coming-of-age tale, The Sharks tells the story of 14-year-old Rosina (played by the wonderful newcomer [...]

Uruguay Week in the UK was a success

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Uruguay XXI showcased opportunities in Pharma, Medicinal Cannabis and Creative Industries. In September, Uruguay Week was held in the United Kingdom, with activities organized by the investment, export and country brand promotion agency, Uruguay XXI, the Embassy of Uruguay in the United Kingdom, the British Embassy in Montevideo and the Department of International Trade of [...]

A quintessentially Uruguayan evening in London

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Football, wine and the best of Uruguayan gastronomy celebrated at the Emirates Stadium. London, 21st November 2018. Uruguay’s country brand ‘Uruguay Natural’ travelled to London last week to use the friendly match against Brazil in the Emirates Stadium as a platform to promote and position the country abroad. The match took place last Friday, 16th [...]

Uruguay celebrated 30 years of diplomatic relations with China with successful country promotion activities

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As a result of its participation in the China-LAC summit, the China International Import Expo and the organization of the Uruguay Week in China, the Chinese press published almost 200 newspaper articles. Throughout 2018, Uruguay celebrated 30 years of friendship with China by participating in various events and promoting the "Uruguay in China Week" in [...]

Interview Juan Campodónico: “Uruguay is a place where happiness is cheaper than elsewhere”

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From Uruguay, Juan Campodónico has leaded an assortment of musical projects of international projection. At the end of the nineties he was part of the rock and hip-hop band Peyote Asesino. At the beginning of the XXI century he created Bajofondo, along with Argentinean producer Gustavo Santaolalla, a project that toured many times the world [...]

La Cumparsita Tango Museum receives the Country Brand seal

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The place where it all started. On April 1917 the Orchestra of Roberto Firpo premiered the tango “La Cumparsita”, written by Uruguayan composer Gerardo Matos Rodriguez at Montevideo’s La Giralda Café. Matos, a student from the faculty of Architecture, composed the melody as a march, for the carnival troupe organized by the Uruguayan Students Federation. [...]

Uruguayan National Ballet captivate audiences and press in Spain

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The Ballet Nacional Sodre (BNS) enchanted audiences and critics in his debut tour in Spain. This is the first time a South American ballet tours Spain. The tour includes 15 performances in the renowned Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona and Teatros del Canal in Madrid. This is the first time that a South American [...]

In Montevideo, a Restaurant Serving Old-School Recipes

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Ask anyone who hasn’t spent time in Uruguay what they know about that country’s food, and you may hear mentions of asado, barbecue cooked over a wood fire, or chivito, a steak sandwich topped with bacon, cheese and vegetables. But you’ll often be met with a blank stare. Hugo Soca is hoping to change this [...]

Uruguay first Latin American sustainable school begins classes

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Construction of the building used 2,000 tires, 5,000 glass bottles, 21,500 square feet of cardboard and 8,000 aluminum cans. The first sustainable public school in Latin America started classes Wednesday after three and a half months of construction with recycled materials, informed the center on Twitter. The sustainable facility is located in Jaureguiberry, a city in the southern [...]

Uruguay Opens Latin America’s First Sustainable School

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Jaureguiberry, a city in the southern Uruguayan province of Canelones, has opened the first sustainable public school in Latin America after three and a half months of construction with recycled materials, officials said. The school’s grand opening on Wednesday drew national officials, teachers, students and local residents. The Early and Primary Education Council, or CEIP, [...]