How Uruguay Attracts and Incentivizes Feature Film Productions | Interview with Martín Papich

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Uruguay is on a mission to strengthen its audiovisual industries and to make the country an attractive destination for international productions. In our interview with film maker Pepi Goncalvez we already heard about the reasons for choosing Uruguay as place to live and work. Curious about the government’s perspective on the topic, during our Uruguay [...]

Maria Noel Riccetto nominated for the most prestigious ballet award

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Maria Noel Riccetto first dancer of the Ballet Nacional Sodre (BNS) received a nomination for the Prix Benois de la Danse, one of the most prestigious ballet awards. Founded by the International Dance Association in Moscow in 1992, the award is considered the “Ballet Oscar” and takes place each year. The members of the jury [...]

Uruguay Is Betting Size Doesn’t Matter in Global Caviar Market

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Beef and wine producer Uruguay is branching out into a product not normally associated with the pampas of South America -caviar. And it isn’t just any caviar, it’s premium ossetra caviar, and give it another few years, the even more expensive beluga caviar. The country’s largest producer, Esturiones del Rio Negro SA, is in talks with a European investor and [...]