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Investing in Uruguay

Uruguay benefits from a strategic geographic location to the south of the continent, between Argentina and Brazil, surrounded by the Paraná, Río de la Plata and Uruguay rivers that flow into the Atlantic Ocean.

It has a gently undulating landscape, irrigated by hundreds of rivers and creeks, where the most select livestock in the world graze. It features a combination of deep and rich soil for agriculture with vigorous fast-growing forest lands. Uruguayan society has created a traditionally democratic community, culturally cosmopolitan and with the highest human development rates in Latin America.

Uruguay is a country open to investment and new ideas that works with intelligence to strengthen its strategic role. Predestined by geography which made it the natural access to one of the richest regions of the continent, the country is constantly improving its port, road and airport infrastructure.

Its highly qualified human resources further contribute to its logistics. It is a continental leader in the thriving information technology sector and an active support and innovation policy is run by the Government.

Industrial activity is growing in sectors as diverse as dairy, spare parts, construction, among others, driven by the impressive growth of foreign investments, which arrive seeking legal certainty and clear rules, macroeconomic stability and easy access to markets.

Capitalizing on the high educational attainment level of its active population, Uruguay is an increasing important overseas service platform for large international companies.

At this stage, the country is undergoing critical changes in order to strengthen its international expansion, constantly updating its legal system and modernizing its financial and tax system, successfully promoting investments in strategic areas, revolutionizing its educational system, opening new markets for worldwide production and increasingly reinforcing its economic and political ties with the region and the world.

Investing in Uruguay