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Made in Uruguay

Uruguayan creators begin with the finest raw materials manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner, respecting the cycles of nature, preserving what is natural and natural resources. They seek perfection in each creation and aim at integrating tradition with technological development.

Uruguayan professionals are responsible, creative, supportive and open; they draw on respect and humbleness and impart their unique and original self in everything they do. They develop their potential in the pursuit of excellence.

“because in an increasingly global economy the countries with the best nation brands have a competitive advantage in selling their goods abroad…”

“The fact that Gucci is an Italian brand is very important to that product. The same goes about Sony in Japan, or Mercedes-Benz in Germany.”

Simon Anholt

Our goal is that products going abroad leave with the nation brand on their labels. This way the country is promoted and the purchaser receives the support, security and guarantee provided by Uruguayan goods and labor.

Some examples of applications

of the Uruguay Brand