Uruguayan economic activity growths despite recessions in the region

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According to the quarterly report on Uruguayan economy, Uruguay in Focus, made by the Ministry of Finance, the economic activity in Uruguay picked-up during the third quarter of 2016, despite recessions in neighboring countries. Leading economic indicators, consumer confidence and record-high tourist arrivals during the summer season suggest that growth momentum, carried into the last [...]

Angela Merkel. “Uruguay could be the engine towards the battle for free trade”

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After the meeting with Uruguayan president Tabaré Vazquez, German chancellor Angela Merkel said she hoped to make progress in negotiations for a free trade agreement between Germany and the Mercosur. Before the visit of president Vazquez, Merkel talked about Uruguay in her weekly radio program. She said that Germans know about Uruguay because its “good [...]

Maria Noel Riccetto nominated for the most prestigious ballet award

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Maria Noel Riccetto first dancer of the Ballet Nacional Sodre (BNS) received a nomination for the Prix Benois de la Danse, one of the most prestigious ballet awards. Founded by the International Dance Association in Moscow in 1992, the award is considered the “Ballet Oscar” and takes place each year. The members of the jury [...]

Interview Juan Campodónico: “Uruguay is a place where happiness is cheaper than elsewhere”

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From Uruguay, Juan Campodónico has leaded an assortment of musical projects of international projection. At the end of the nineties he was part of the rock and hip-hop band Peyote Asesino. At the beginning of the XXI century he created Bajofondo, along with Argentinean producer Gustavo Santaolalla, a project that toured many times the world [...]

Uruguay is one of the 20 best democracies in the world

February 1, 2017|Categories: Home, Rankings, Society|

Uruguay is in the top 20 as a “full democracy”, according to the 2016 Democracy Index made by the magazine The Economist. For the first time, and after Donald Trump’s victory, United States is considered a “flawed democracy”. The 2016 ranking is leaded by Norway and has Uruguay in the 19th position, with a score [...]

A new guide of Uruguay for English-speaking tourists

February 1, 2017|Categories: Home, Society, Tourism|

More and more tourists are deciding to travel independently, without previously booked tours or tourist packages, because they prefer to design their itineraries by themselves, with the help of the information they find trough the internet. Many people visiting Uruguay –especially European and US tourists- are looking for other activities beside sun and beaches. A [...]

La Cumparsita Tango Museum receives the Country Brand seal

January 31, 2017|Categories: Culture, Home, Society, Tourism|

The place where it all started. On April 1917 the Orchestra of Roberto Firpo premiered the tango “La Cumparsita”, written by Uruguayan composer Gerardo Matos Rodriguez at Montevideo’s La Giralda Café. Matos, a student from the faculty of Architecture, composed the melody as a march, for the carnival troupe organized by the Uruguayan Students Federation. [...]

Uruguay celebrates its withdrawal from the region

January 23, 2017|Categories: Home|

Uruguay has maintained a constant economic growth from 14 years. In 2016 it experienced a 1,2% rise, despite falls in Argentina (-2.5%) and Brazil (-3.5%). Also, Uruguayan exports to its Mercosur neighbors went from being a half of its total exports to one-fifth. Finally, Uruguayans feel that they achieve to liberate their economy from the [...]

Uruguay received more than 3 million tourists during 2016

January 20, 2017|Categories: Home|

International tourism left the country more than 1800 million dollars. The number of Argentineans rise a 25%. While Montevideo is the most visited destination, more money is spent in Punta del Este. The Ministry of Tourism presented a report with the final figures of 2016 and its comparison with the numbers registered in 2015. During [...]

Uruguay: best Latin-American country in the Inclusive Development Index

January 20, 2017|Categories: Home|

Uruguay is placed in the sixth place among developing economies in the Global ranking of Inclusive Development Index. The world Economic Forum presented the report Inclusive Developing index (IDI) that measure the performance of 109 countries. The Inclusive Development Index (IDI) is based on 12 performance indicators. In order to provide a more complete measure [...]

A Spaniard actor will be Pepe Mujica

January 20, 2017|Categories: Home|

Spaniard actor Antonio de La Torre is part of the cast from the movie Memorias del calabozo (Dungeon Memories), directed by the Uruguayan Alvaro Brechner, and adapted from the same titled book wrote by Eleuterio Fernández Huidobro. The actor was in Uruguay and talked with Mujica, Henry Hengler and Fernández Huidobro among other former Tupamaros [...]

Uruguayan National Ballet captivate audiences and press in Spain

December 23, 2016|Categories: Culture, Home|

The Ballet Nacional Sodre (BNS) enchanted audiences and critics in his debut tour in Spain. This is the first time a South American ballet tours Spain. The tour includes 15 performances in the renowned Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona and Teatros del Canal in Madrid. This is the first time that a South American [...]