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Uruguay and China establish strategic partnership

November 4, 2016|Categories: Home|

Accompanied by a large delegation of ministers, businessmen and union leaders Uruguayan president Tabaré Vázquez concluded an historic visit to China, which included diverse treaties and the study of a China-Uruguay free trade agreement. Uruguayan [...]

According to the Inter-American Development Bank, Uruguay is the country with the biggest middle class of the Americas

October 27, 2016|Categories: Economy, Society|

A social study from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) entitled Social Pulse in Latin America and the Caribbean 2016: Realities & Perspectives, says that Uruguay is the country with the biggest middle class in the [...]

Uruguay improves its position in entrepreneurship ranking

October 19, 2016|Categories: Economy, Home|

A better performance in entrepreneurship human capital, cultural conditions and public policies explains the improvement. Uruguay is ranked in the fourth place at a regional level and 39 in a global level in the Systemic [...]

ANTEL received awards as best Latin American Data Center and best service provider

October 7, 2016|Categories: Health, Science and Technology, Home|Tags: , |

It is the first time a company wins in two categories. After the new Antel Data Center “Ing. José Luis Massera” got the very demanding UPTIME INSTITUTE certificates in design and construction it received two [...]

According to MIT, three Uruguayans are among the best innovators under 35

September 26, 2016|Categories: Home|

The list of innovators under 35 “who could revolutionize the world”, made every year by the MIT Technology Review –Mark Zuckerberg was part in 2007- recognized three Uruguayans: Alejandro Esperanza (Gurucargo), Lucía Spangenberg (GenLives) and [...]

Uruguay has a low corruption perception among the Americas

August 29, 2016|Categories: Home, Society|

Corruption perception is 6% in the judicial system, 38% in the political parties and 50% in the Police, says a survey among company executives. In Brazil, hundreds of companies and impresarios where involved in corruption [...]

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