Punta del Este launched South America’s first lightning inhibitor

Montoya beach was chosen for the installation of the first devices that instead of attracting and capturing lightning prevent its formation. This is a purely Uruguayan development.

This summer a lightning inhibitor was launched in Punta del Este. This technology differs from the lightning conductor because it prevents the formation of the phenomenon and, instead of attracting and capturing lightning, it inhibits electric discharge within a radius of 90 meters. It is the first in South America and it has been installed at Montoya beach, in La Barra.

“We think it is essential to ensure the protection of the people who come to this beach. We have installed two devices to ensure that the entire area surrounding the beach bar is covered”, said the entrepreneur Marcelo Paz to La Nación and he added: “The main objective of this inhibitor is to avoid the formation of lightning. Placing a lightning conductor was too risky”.

The device developed by SAF, a Uruguayan company, is known as Zeus Prototal, it is worth about USD 9,000 and it already protects important monuments in Punta del Este such as Casa Pueblo and the José Ignacio Lighthouse.

Source: La Nación

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