Udelar and Institut Pasteur developed diagnostic tests for the new coronavirus

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A team of scientists has developed a test assay that will help diagnose whether people are carriers of coronavirus. The information was confirmed to Subrayado by Udelar's teaching prorector, Juan Cristina and Gonzalo Moratorio, both are directors of the Molecular Virology Laboratory of the Faculty of Sciences, where the research was carried out in conjunction [...]

Uruguay: in the top 10 of Best in Travel 2020 according to Lonely Planet

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The best destinations, journeys and sustainable travel experiences for the year ahead according to Lonely Planet. If Uruguay isn’t already on your South American bucket list, 2020 is the perfect year to add it. With 660km of Río de la Plata and Atlantic shoreline, a burgeoning wine industry, bubbling hot springs and endless rolling rangelands where South [...]

Beyond Montevideo: Why Uruguay’s Wineries Need to Be on Your Radar

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Within an hour of busy Montevideo, Uruguay’s fertile Canelones wine region beckons with more than 80 vineyards tucked into its transporting, pastoral setting. Thoughts of a wine-focused vacation in South America might instantly conjure up images of sipping malbec among the mountains of Mendoza, Argentina’s premier wine region. Or, they might even turn to Chile, [...]

Uruguay obtained USD 1,200 million at a lower cost in a new global issue

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The response to the opening of the 2050 bond doubled the amount offered and paid a rate lower than the previous tranche. According to analysts this is a "financial score". The confidence of global investors in Uruguayan debt was confirmed late February when the Ministry of Economy opened the 2050 global bond in US dollars [...]

Uruguay will be a world leader in wind power in 2015 and this has been noted by the world media

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"Uruguay aims to become a world leader in wind energy supply in 2015, surpassing countries such as Germany, Spain and Denmark". This is how an article published by the Argentine journalist Andrés Repetto begins. In the environment section of his online channel, ARSemanal (a global news program in which he shows a summary of the [...]

A Uruguayan that has become an international jockey

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Marcelo Chirico qualified for the Las Vegas Show Jumping World Cup and will be the first Uruguayan jockey to compete at that level. Marcelo Chirico stunned the world when he won the gold medal in the individual show jumping event during the first edition of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games. Today, at age 22, [...]

Punta del Este launched South America’s first lightning inhibitor

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Montoya beach was chosen for the installation of the first devices that instead of attracting and capturing lightning prevent its formation. This is a purely Uruguayan development. This summer a lightning inhibitor was launched in Punta del Este. This technology differs from the lightning conductor because it prevents the formation of the phenomenon and, instead [...]

“The new man” by the Uruguayan Aldo Garay won the Teddy award for the best LGBT documentary at the Berlinale

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The award acknowledges the "20 year struggle of the trans community in Uruguay" as well as the film for its "intimate and powerful" insight. Avenues are wide, designed to accommodate several rows of tanks. On the outside, buildings still retain the coldness of a war that never took place and which split the world in [...]

For Fortune, Uruguay is the “most unexpected champion of capitalism”

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The article on the country's economic reality states that: "As José Mujica’s five-year presidential term comes to a close, Uruguay has become a bastion of pragmatic economic policies that favor business and foreign investment". "Not what you would have imagined from a former guerrilla fighter with socialist leanings". This is the beginning of an article [...]