Thousands of messages deluge José “Pepe” Mujica’s recently launched website

As soon as the webpage of the outgoing Uruguayan president went online, a huge amount of messages began to be received, to the to the extent where it was agreed that 200 messages would be published a day and these would be constantly updated.

Messages are sent from every continent, from lesser known countries such as Burkina Faso or India, mostly in appreciation of the work performed at national level, but also recognizing global aspects of his thought and deeds.

One of the interesting facts is the amount of messages received from across the globe, congratulating him on his mark left with regard to the topic of marihuana, but also nationally, where young people have chosen to post a widespread option: bring Justin Bieber.

Regionally, there is an unexpected number of messages from Argentina, highlighting the idea of preferring Pepe as president, rather than those they have had in the past and even the existing candidates. The same happens to a lesser extent with greetings from Spain, both native and Uruguayan emigrants, who share their words of respect and emotion before the presidential figure.

“Life is short and battles are long” a favorite phrase

Many of Mujica’s phrases have been quoted in the messages that have been sent, some possibly memorized and others taken from speeches posted on the web.

Mujica was grateful for “all the affection he has received” and recalled being “of the men who think that the best is always yet to come”.

On his webpage he pointed out that “we should look forward, all of us, because what matters is the future we are shaping day by day and this is done together”. Along that line he recalled that “we are not going to receive prosperity as a gift, we have to earn it. And the only way to do so is by doing it together, because this is a collective fight”.

The site also provides visitors with highlights of Mujica’s life, speeches and a gallery of the most memorable photos of his life.

Source: La República

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