Gourmet Grill Masters School in Uruguay

Interview with Daniel Esparano, Head of the School and INAC official.

The expert said that, in the framework of the Uruguay Natural Club project, the Gourmet Grill Masters School (Escuela de Parrilleros Gourmet) will open to the public in March in the area of Parada 12 in Punta del Este. The school seeks to train young students of the Pedro Figari Haute Cuisine School (Escuela de Alta Gatronomia Pedro Figari) under the guidance of Chef Alvaro Verderosa and the technical supervision of Uruguay’s National Institute of Meat (INAC). With a long history, the project aims to promote Uruguayan beef around the globe. Uruguay Natural Club is also a beef certification project, requiring a maturation period of over 14 days and the selection of young steers to ensure the tenderness, juiciness and excellence of quality beef. Students will work with the choicest beef, and cuts rarely found on a barbecue grill.

Mr. Esparano added that this is a real opportunity for the public to taste Uruguay Natural Club-certified beef, as privately owned gourmet grills are being opened in an effort to promote Uruguayan beef worldwide.

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