An article writing by Andrew Simms in The Guardian UK press, with the title “Let’s play fantasy economics. Things could really get better” make a comparison of the policies of different countries, Andrew dreams with a new country called “Goodland” with José Mujica as Prime Minister.

Uruguayan president José Mujica lives on £450 a month, has a guard of two policemen and a three-legged dog, and drives a 1987 VW Beetle.

Its president refuses the state mansion. He gives away 90% of his pay, living on the national average wage to share in the struggles of his people.

The president mentioned above is José Mujica of Uruguay. He lives on about £450 per month. His presidential guard is two policemen and a three-legged dog. He criticises the rich countries’ development model, berating other world leaders’ “blind obsession to achieve growth with consumption”.

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