22 nuevas empresas de los más variados rubros se unieron a la marca Uruguay Natural para promover productos y servicios

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El director ejecutivo de Uruguay XXI, Antonio Carámbula, destacó que las nuevas empresas de productos y servicios que suscribieron el uso de la marca Uruguay Natural superan las 100 firmas de diversos rubros. El instituto gestiona la marca y la plataforma facilita a las empresas con perfil exportador a colocar productos en mercados emergentes y [...]

Músicos uruguayos presentes en el South by Southwest, el mítico festival de Texas

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La edición 2015 del South by Southwest o SXSW, el festival que se realiza en Austin, Texas, Estados Unidos desde 1987, contó con la presencia de las bandas uruguayas Max Capote —reincidente, pues ya había ido en 2014—, los raperos de AFC & Los Warriors (en su formato de banda completa), Fede Graña y Los [...]

Uruguay´s health system is among the three best health systems in the world

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According to the 2014 Global Retirement Index annual report from the International Living website (internationalliving.com), France, Uruguay and Malaysia offer the best and most affordable health care in the world. Two Latin American countries are also in the top five: Costa Rica and Mexico. In order to create this ranking of the best countries in [...]

Progressive drugs policy helps give image a high; Uruguay

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Government measures have captured world attention. Benedict Mander reports Uruguay may not be important in geopolitical terms, but it punches well above its weight in other areas. It is now applauded as one of the most progressive countries in the world – which makes promoting the national brand much easier for the government agency charged [...]

High for Uruguay’s progressive policies

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By Benedict Mander Uruguay may not be important in geopolitical terms, but it punches well above its weight in other areas. It is now applauded as one of the most progressive countries in the world – which makes promoting the national brand much easier for the government agency charged with the task. Uruguay was named [...]

A decade of economic growth in Uruguay resulted in an increase in income for all the population.

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An 3.7% increase in economy in the second quarter, compared to the same period in 2013, is consistent with the official projection of a 3% expansion for the year, as confirmed by the Minister Mario Bergara. He added that Uruguay, which product grew above the average of Latin America, Europe and United States, used this [...]

The Instituto Pasteur will coordinate the development of the Uruguayan genome

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A project of the Instituto Pasteur of Montevideo and the University of Seoul will reveal the composition of the Uruguayan genome and enable to study which diseases affect the population. The initiative is supported by the IDB. The Insituto Pasteur of Montevideo and the National University of Seoul (Korea) have agreed to work together on [...]

Uruguay ranks third in competitiveness in South America according to the World Economic Forum

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The World Economic Forum (WEF) in addition to its traditional index, in its latest edition, has incorporated a new indicator which improves measurement when considering the country’s sustainability of achievements in terms of competitiveness. Therefore, the WEF has disclosed a «sustainable competitiveness» index defined as the «combination of institutions, policies and factors which make a [...]

Wine, Olive Oil and the Good Life in Uruguay

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Our first lunch was laid out like a last supper. There, in the middle of a vineyard, underneath a billowing white cotton tent, a long wooden table had been set up, every inch of it covered with platters of food. There was the stuff you might expect at a picnic: bread, homemade and chewy; wedges [...]

Uruguay moved forward in human development due to higher incomes

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In the expected average schooling there were no changes with regard to 2013 Uruguay gained two positions in the Human Development Index (HDI) presented yesterday in the 2014 annual report of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). The country moved from position 52 in 2013 to 50 this year in a ranking of 187 countries. Uruguay [...]

In one year Montevideo has gone down several positions in the ranking of the most expensive cities.

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According to Mercer consulting firm’s work (which takes New York as a benchmark), Montevideo is the 113th most expensive city to live in as per the 2014 ranking, much cheaper than in 2013 when it ranked 87th. The study is based on data from the Cost of Living Annual Survey which compares the cost of [...]

Development Bank to build regional office in Uruguay

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The Development Bank, former Andean Development Corporation (AFD) will invest US$ 70 million to build its regional headquarters for the South Cone in Montevideo. The project includes 12,000 square meters of office space for the organization and another 6,000 square meters for public areas, including three cinemas, and is located on the border between the City [...]

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