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Uruguay’s tech scene nears critical mass

2021-05-03T10:22:42-03:00May 3, 2021|Categories: Economy, Health, Science and Technology|Tags: , , |

In per capita terms, the nation is a global leader in software exports. It was never Santiago Zabala’s dream to sell women’s underwear. But when the Uruguayan tech entrepreneur saw a gap in the US lingerie market for women of diverse shapes and sizes, the opportunity seemed too good to ignore. “It might sound weird [...]

Uruguay tops Latin American transition to environment friendly energy sources

2021-04-23T15:50:23-03:00April 14, 2021|Categories: Production and Energy, Rankings|Tags: , |

Uruguay continues to be Latin America's leading country regarding energy transition towards renewable sources, according to an index released jointly this week by the World Economic Forum and the Accenture consultancy firm. On a list Sweden continues to top, the South American country fell two notches from 11th to 13th compared to 2020's ranking, still [...]

Uruguay maps out a route to pioneer “green” hydrogen

2021-04-09T11:56:53-03:00April 12, 2021|Categories: Production and Energy|Tags: , |

Uruguay wants to follow "the decarbonization route" by betting on green hydrogen with an eye on transport and industry, as part of a pilot plan to attract investment. Green hydrogen, a technology that is still under development, is “an important bet” for a country like Uruguay, which has “abundant” renewable energy and seeks to be [...]

Fede Álvarez on the ‘Big Rorschach Test’ of ‘Calls’ for Apple TV Plus

2021-04-06T11:34:17-03:00April 8, 2021|Categories: Film & Art|Tags: , |

From “Evil Dead” to “Don’t Breathe,” director Fede Álvarez has frequently delivered terrifyingly tense moments between characters on the big screen. But his latest project, “Calls” for Apple TV Plus, taps into that same level of emotion without showing even one frame of his actors’ faces. “I just like when you watch these things and [...]

Uruguay’s DLocal Valued at $5 Billion After Alkeon and Tiger Invest

2021-04-05T13:49:46-03:00April 5, 2021|Categories: Economy|Tags: , , |

DLocal, a payments startup, has seen its valuation more than quadruple to $5 billion after raising $150 million in an investment round led by Alkeon Capital. The Montevideo, Uruguay-based company also raised fresh capital from investment firms Bond, D1 Capital Partners and Tiger Global. DLocal, which processes cross-border payments, separately appointed Sumita Pandit, a former [...]

National Geographic launches first expedition in Uruguay to support the creation of new marine protected areas

2021-03-24T13:28:48-03:00March 24, 2021|Categories: Home|Tags: , |

The National Geographic Pristine Seas team will embark on an expedition to Uruguay to support the creation of new marine protected areas and employ exploration technology including deep sea cameras and pelagic cameras. New expedition to study and document critical ocean habitats that support biodiversity, sustainable fishing and climate change mitigation in Uruguay. Yesterday, National [...]

International film production with Uruguayan imprint

2021-03-22T12:50:44-03:00March 19, 2021|Categories: Film & Art|Tags: , , |

With the creation of the Uruguay Audiovisual Program, international productions for Amazon Prime, HBO and Sony land in Uruguay. About Uruguay Audiovisual Program The first edition of the Uruguay Audiovisual Program developed in 2019-2020, successfully boosted Uruguay's competitive incorporation into international markets. The projects supported consisted of foreign productions in the form of feature films [...]

How Uruguay implemented its computer science education program

2021-03-15T15:51:11-03:00March 15, 2021|Categories: Education, Health, Science and Technology|Tags: |

Computer science (CS) education helps students acquire skills such as computational thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration.1 It has been linked with higher rates of college enrollment (Brown & Brown, 2020; Salehi et al., 2020), and a recent randomized control trial showed that lessons in computational thinking improved student response inhibition, planning, and coding skills (Arfé et al., 2020). [...]

Gabriela Hearst Unveils Her First Chloé Collection, Infused With Uruguayan Influences And The Parisian House’s Quintessential DNA

2021-03-12T12:46:23-03:00March 12, 2021|Categories: Film & Art, Home, Uruguayans around the world|Tags: , , |

One of the Paris Fashion Week Shows we’ve all been waiting for is Gabriela Hearst’s inaugural unveiling of her autumn-winter 2021 women’s ready-to-wear collection for the House of Chloé that was shown digitally today. Also noteworthy is Chloé unleashing the collection one-hundred years on the day of Gaby Aghion’s, the founders, birth. Chloé in Greek [...]

Uruguay ranch first Latin American farm to receive Certified Humane label

2021-03-10T12:52:06-03:00March 10, 2021|Categories: Economy, Production and Energy|Tags: |

Ingleby Farms, an open range cattle ranch in Uruguay, is the first Certified Humane beef company in Latin America. The Certified Humane logo appears on its exported beef products and on products consumed locally in Uruguay, where seven farms with 60 employees are responsible for 17,000 head of cattle, raised open-range, without confinement. Uruguay differs from [...]

Chile, Uruguay and Costa Rica lead Latin America in sustainable development progress

2021-03-05T16:11:34-03:00March 5, 2021|Categories: Economy, Rankings|Tags: , , |

According to the SDG Center for Latin America and the Caribbean of the Los Andes University and the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, the results were not encouraging even before the pandemic. Climate action is the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) in which Latin America has improved the most, while Innovation is the worst. In 2015, the [...]

Why Uruguay should be on the radar or all wine lovers

2021-03-01T16:01:16-03:00March 1, 2021|Categories: Food & Wines|Tags: |

What’s the first name that springs to mind when you think about Uruguay? I ran out of steam after Luis Suarez. Well, shame on me, because Fernando De Lucca, Pablo Fallabrino and Santiago Deicas, three of Uruguay’s top winemakers, all deserve to be on that list. Carla Bertelloti is the woman hoping to add them. [...]