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“I feel quite at home in Uruguay”

2017-02-20T02:58:25-03:00May 20, 2016|Categories: Country Brand, Home|

Described as “the Indiana Jones of branding,” Jeremy Hildreth is an advisor to corporations, governments and creative agencies on strategy, identity and reputation. He’s worked with cities like London and Rio de Janeiro, nations (Mongolia, Lithuania, Northern Ireland), and even continents (Latin America). He has been a regular contributor to The Wall Street Journal and Monocle magazine, and is [...]

Benefits of the Uruguayan cattle industry

2017-02-20T02:58:34-03:00April 28, 2016|Categories: Home|

The XVII Hereford World Conference was held in Uruguay from April 16 to 20, 2016. Five panelists lectured about the story of the cattle industry –from XVII century to nowadays cattle tracking -, system production, online auctions and biosecurity. Fabio Montosi, director of the National Research Institute of Agriculture and Livestock (Instituto Nacional de Investigación [...]

In Montevideo, a Restaurant Serving Old-School Recipes

2017-02-23T15:02:12-03:00April 11, 2016|Categories: Culture, Society|

Ask anyone who hasn’t spent time in Uruguay what they know about that country’s food, and you may hear mentions of asado, barbecue cooked over a wood fire, or chivito, a steak sandwich topped with bacon, cheese and vegetables. But you’ll often be met with a blank stare. Hugo Soca is hoping to change this [...]

Uruguay first Latin American sustainable school begins classes

2016-04-01T10:10:17-03:00March 31, 2016|Categories: Culture, Home, Society|

Construction of the building used 2,000 tires, 5,000 glass bottles, 21,500 square feet of cardboard and 8,000 aluminum cans. The first sustainable public school in Latin America started classes Wednesday after three and a half months of construction with recycled materials, informed the center on Twitter. The sustainable facility is located in Jaureguiberry, a city in the southern [...]

Uruguay: a pillar of renewable energy in Latin America

2016-04-01T10:08:16-03:00March 29, 2016|Categories: Economy, Home, Society|

The country plans to increase to a 35% its wind generated electricity in 2017. In addition new laws are passed to promote photovoltaic projects. In only one decade Uruguay achieved a task that seemed unimaginable, to become the Latin American country with the biggest proportion of wind generated electricity and one of the global leading [...]

Uruguay’s Green Energy Policy: The World’s Best Kept Secret?

2017-02-20T02:59:21-03:00October 27, 2015|Categories: Home|Tags: |

Anyone tuning into the first Democratic debate heard hopeful Bernie Sanders’ shout out to Denmark–and Hillary Clinton’s subsequent dismissal of applying standards that work in Denmark to the United States. It’s become common practice for politicians from around the world to constantly applaud Northern Europe as a set of model countries: their healthcare, their political participation, [...]

22 new companies from the most varied industries joined Uruguay Natural to promote products and services

2015-10-14T13:37:24-03:00October 14, 2015|Categories: Home|Tags: , |

Uruguay XXI's CEO, Antonio Carámbula, noted that the new products and services companies that signed up to the use of the Uruguay Natural brand exceeded 100 firms from different industries. The agency manages the brand and the platform facilitates the insertion of products from companies with an exporting profile in emerging markets and the attraction [...]

President Vázquez before the UN: “Uruguay faces a lawsuit against a multinational tobacco corporation for its health promoting policies”

2017-02-20T02:59:24-03:00October 14, 2015|Categories: Home|Tags: , , |

"I will only say its initials to avoid damaging any sensitivity: Philip Morris", President Tabaré Vázquez stressed out, when in his speech at the UN General Assembly he referred to the international lawsuit filed against Uruguay for implementing policies that promote the health of its population. He added that our country "is enduring this situation" [...]

President Vázquez achieved recognition for Uruguay’s top position in the 2015 Social Inclusion index

2017-02-20T02:59:24-03:00October 14, 2015|Categories: Home|Tags: , |

The Americas Society/Council of the Americas this Monday 28 granted recognition to Tabaré Vázquez for Uruguay's top position in the 2015 Social Inclusion index, according to the study published by "Americas Quarterly". The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Rodolfo Nin Novoa, and the Minister of Economy, Danilo Astori, attended the award ceremony. A statement issued by [...]

Uruguay ranks sixth worldwide in LTE coverage

2015-10-14T13:22:27-03:00October 14, 2015|Categories: Home|Tags: , , |

According to a report issued by OpenSignal, Uruguay ranks 6th in the world in LTE coverage, and 29th in download speed. OpenSignal, an international firm that is continuously analyzing the quantity and quality of wireless networks worldwide, published its report for the month of September. In this report Uruguay ranks sixth in LTE coverage, reaching [...]

“I would be honored and proud to be the ambassador of the Uruguay Natural brand in the world”

2017-02-20T02:59:24-03:00October 14, 2015|Categories: Home|Tags: , |

Interview with Hugo Soca, founder and director of "Tona", Montevideo's new culinary gem. How do you define Tona's cuisine? Tona is a restaurant that offers a homemade choice, home-cooked meals, soups and stews, made with flavors which are typical of Uruguay's hinterland. We can find these flavors in casseroles, in stews, but are mainly obtained [...]

Uruguay have made giant steps at RWC 2015, says Dai Jenkins

2017-02-20T02:59:28-03:00October 7, 2015|Categories: Home|Tags: , |

Los Teros are learning fast but more needs to be done to unleash the tier two nation's potential, according to the Wales sevens manager MILTON KEYNES – The Uruguay team have made a big impression in two matches at Rugby World Cup 2015 and raised the flag for the sport back home, according to Wales [...]