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Uruguay a Good Place to Live, Invest or Visit? Country Report

2020-05-29T14:07:36-03:00March 6, 2019|Categories: Country Brand, Home|Tags: , |

When thinking about Uruguay, what comes to your mind? A question we asked on our Facebook page. Here some of the answers: “Uruguay is an amazing country. It has very nice places like José Ignacio where you can rest and enjoy the beauty and gastronomy of the place. Colonia is a beautiful and very interesting [...]

Uruguay a Good Place for Filmmakers and Feature Film Productions? Interview with Pepi Gonçalvez

2020-05-29T14:12:13-03:00February 20, 2019|Categories: Home|Tags: , , |

The media – and feature films especially – influence how we perceive countries, how we imagine them to be, especially if we haven’t had the chance to visit or experience them ourselves. Apart from “hard” factors such as tax incentives or legal frameworks, a country’s ability to attract visitors, talented professionals or businesses and funding [...]

How Uruguay Attracts and Incentivizes Feature Film Productions | Interview with Martín Papich

2020-05-29T14:13:21-03:00February 20, 2019|Categories: Uruguayans to the World|Tags: , , |

Uruguay is on a mission to strengthen its audiovisual industries and to make the country an attractive destination for international productions. In our interview with film maker Pepi Goncalvez we already heard about the reasons for choosing Uruguay as place to live and work. Curious about the government’s perspective on the topic, during our Uruguay [...]

Uruguay Is Betting Size Doesn’t Matter in Global Caviar Market

2016-05-26T14:33:54-03:00May 25, 2016|Categories: Home, Society, Uruguayans to the World|Tags: |

Beef and wine producer Uruguay is branching out into a product not normally associated with the pampas of South America -caviar. And it isn’t just any caviar, it’s premium ossetra caviar, and give it another few years, the even more expensive beluga caviar. The country’s largest producer, Esturiones del Rio Negro SA, is in talks with a European investor and [...]

Montevideo is South America’s highest ranking city for quality of living

2017-02-20T02:58:52-03:00February 25, 2016|Categories: Home, Society|

According to the Quality of Living survey by consultancy Mercer, Montevideo, which ranks 78, is the city better quality of living in South America, followed by Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile. In addition, it is also the safest in the region. Despite recent security issues, social unrest, and concern about the region’s economic outlook, [...]

Uruguay leads Transparency International’s 2015 ranking in Latin America

2017-02-20T02:58:52-03:00February 25, 2016|Categories: Home|

Transparency International (or TI) is a non-governmental organization founded in 1993 with headquarters in Berlin, Germany, which promotes measures against corporate crimes and political corruption worldwide. Every year this institution publishes a prestigious status report which describes and analyzes the perception of corruption in various countries and which is regarded as essential reference on the [...]

PedidosYa catches up with the giants Google and Yahoo (and soon, online payment)

2016-01-19T11:49:15-03:00January 19, 2016|Categories: Home|

The development of the Internet in Latin America has not yet peaked and there are several leading e-commerce companies that got together to create ALAI (Latin American Association of the Internet), an international nonprofit civil association, linking companies with three Internet giants: Google, Facebook and Yahoo. The first 5 organizations selected to begin this project [...]

Garzón among the places to visit in 2016, according to The New York Times

2016-01-19T11:43:46-03:00January 19, 2016|Categories: Home|

The New York Times, US newspaper, made a list of 52 places to visit this year, and among them is Garzón, the town located in Maldonado near the lake that bears its name and close to the department of Rocha. According to this renowned newspaper, Garzón is the new wine region that blooms near splendid [...]

Sebastien Buemi won in the circuit of Formula E which took place in Punta del Este

2016-01-19T11:39:51-03:00January 19, 2016|Categories: Home|

The third date of the 2015/2016 Formula E season took place, presenting the first all-electric races seeking to reduce CO2 emissions and increase sustainable practices in Punta del Este. On Saturday, December 19, the third date of the Formula E championship in its second edition took place in Punta del Este.  Once again one of [...]

Uruguay is the third country with the highest human development in Latin America and 52 in the world

2017-02-20T02:59:03-03:00January 18, 2016|Categories: Home|

Uruguay was ranked at number 52 among the 188 countries surveyed with a scale that goes from high to low human development in the world, placing Uruguay in "high" level, and ranked third in Latin America, said the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Uruguay, Denise Cook. For the report presentation, Uruguay was chosen for the [...]

ILO recognizes Uruguay for its policies in tripartite labor, social dialogue, negotiation and social protection

2017-02-20T02:59:03-03:00January 18, 2016|Categories: Home|

The General Director of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), Guy Ryder, led the delegation that visited Uruguay and which also includes the American director, José Manuel Salazar, and the director for the Southern Cone, Fabio Bertranou. As part of the contacts they have had with government officials, the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Ernesto [...]

The Uruguay Natural brand closed a year with strategic partners and a perspective for the future

2017-02-20T02:59:03-03:00January 18, 2016|Categories: Country Brand, Home, Weekly Newsletter|Tags: , |

Accompanied by nearly 300 people and inside a radiant Club Uruguay, the Uruguay Natural brand celebrated the end of 2015, surrounded by companies and member brands, friends, national authorities and the presence of a foreign expert on country brand. The meeting was in the late afternoon of December 10 and began with a talk by [...]