Uruguay lands in Russia with promotional activities and highlighted products

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In the framework of the participation of the Uruguayan soccer team in the 2018 World Cup, Uruguay XXI will carry out different promotional interventions with the purpose of making Uruguay known as a reliable food producer, and a tourism and investment destination. The Soccer World Cup is a great showcase for all participating countries, and [...]

“I feel quite at home in Uruguay”

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Described as “the Indiana Jones of branding,” Jeremy Hildreth is an advisor to corporations, governments and creative agencies on strategy, identity and reputation. He’s worked with cities like London and Rio de Janeiro, nations (Mongolia, Lithuania, Northern Ireland), and even continents (Latin America). He has been a regular contributor to The Wall Street Journal and Monocle magazine, and is [...]

The Uruguay Natural brand closed a year with strategic partners and a perspective for the future

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Accompanied by nearly 300 people and inside a radiant Club Uruguay, the Uruguay Natural brand celebrated the end of 2015, surrounded by companies and member brands, friends, national authorities and the presence of a foreign expert on country brand. The meeting was in the late afternoon of December 10 and began with a talk by [...]

La marca Uruguay Natural tiene ocho nuevas empresas socias

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Ocho nuevas empresas uruguayas, de diferente índole y portes, pero todas dedicadas a la exportación de productos, suscribieron el pasado viernes 15 el convenio que las habilita a llevar la marca país "Uruguay Natural" como un aliciente más para el posicionamiento internacional, y también dentro del país. Las nuevas marcas socias de la marca pertenecen [...]