Chile, Uruguay and Costa Rica lead Latin America in sustainable development progress

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According to the SDG Center for Latin America and the Caribbean of the Los Andes University and the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, the results were not encouraging even before the pandemic. Climate action is the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) in which Latin America has improved the most, while Innovation is the worst. In 2015, the [...]

Spanish startup Lupa will have a factory in Uruguay

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Lupa, the Spanish startup, has announced that it will have one of its electric vehicle factories in Uruguay. The first two models to be produced will be the five-door compact (Lupa E26) and the van focused on the last mile distribution (Lupa E66). Later an SUV, the E137, will follow. This factory will distribute throughout [...]

The Case for Uruguay: “Value and Capability” Matter Most

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The small South American country of Uruguay represents a modest BPO market with a unique set of advantages and challenges. These have been brought into sharp relief during the COVID-19 pandemic, as has the country’s long-held position as a resilient value play. “We don’t look at Uruguay as a cost play – this is a [...]

Pandemic Year Sees Uruguay Crowned Emerging-Market Bond King

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Uruguay’s dollar bonds have outperformed all their emerging-market peers this year as the small nation, sandwiched between the Covid-19 hotspots of Argentina and Brazil, gives its neighbors a masterclass on how to deal with the pandemic. Uruguay’s bonds have returned 14.8%, more than double that in China and Russia, according to the Bloomberg Barclays Emerging [...]

Uruguay: The Safe Haven You Should Pay Attention To

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Yesterday, I was out at a stunning new golf community just outside of Cabo. There’s been a major water issue with many of the golf courses here. They can only be watered with grey water—which is fine during normal times—but because the hotels have been quieter than usual, there hasn’t been enough wastewater in recent [...]

dLocal becomes Latin America’s latest fintech unicorn

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Montevideo, Uruguay-based fintech dLocal has achieved a valuation of US$1.2bn, making it Latin America’s latest fintech unicorn Not only is it one of the continent’s most highly valued fintechs it is also Uruguay’s first and (to date) only unicorn. The company reached the milestone following a $200m funding round led by previous investor General Atlantic, [...]

Real Estate Buyers Social Distancing As Far Away As Uruguay

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As the pandemic's long-feared second wave comes crashing down on us like a mammoth breaker pounding a cracker box coastal village, some real estate shoppers are looking for values far from the densely-packed districts that are their customary areas of interest. How far? How about Uruguay? As in the South American nation of 3.5 million [...]

For less than $400,000 you can now get Uruguay tax residency

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Starting in July, foreigners who live at least 60 days a year in Uruguay and buy real estate valued above 3.5 million inflation-linked UI - currently equivalent to $378,000 - will qualify for tax residency. Newcomers can also obtain residency by investing more than 15 million UI in a business that creates at least 15 [...]

Uruguay, the exception to Latin America’s COVID-19 surge

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Latin America has become the new center of spread for the COVID-19 pandemic. Distressing images from Guayaquil and Manaus are met with riots in Santiago, Chile and the empty thoroughfares of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Today, most of the continent lives under strict quarantine. Uruguay is an exception, with the country seeing the shallowest decline in [...]

Kemira Expands Uruguay Bleaching Chemicals

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Kemira will expand capacity in Uruguay for bleaching chemicals sodium chlorate and hydrogen peroxide to support a new long-term supply agreement with Finnish forest industry company UPM-Kymmene. “A key element of our Kemira strategy is to grow in pulp and bleaching applications where we have deep rooted global expertise,” commented Kemira’s president, pulp & paper, Kim Poulsen. [...]

Vietnam opens up to Uruguayan citrus

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Vietnam has opened its market to Uruguayan citrus, as confirmed by Chancellor Ernesto Talvi. This opening is the result of efforts initiated in the previous period of government and continued in the current period. The achievement is the result of intense negotiations, which began in the administration and continued in the current, from the offices [...]

City Football Group to build fourth campus in Uruguay by 2021

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The City Football Group have announced that Uruguay will be home to their fourth fourth major training facility. On top of Manchester City’s facilities, they have completed similar projects for their Major League Soccer side New York City FC and A-League outfit Melbourne City. Now CFG have announced plans to build a new campus to [...]