Uruguay’s tech scene nears critical mass

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In per capita terms, the nation is a global leader in software exports. It was never Santiago Zabala’s dream to sell women’s underwear. But when the Uruguayan tech entrepreneur saw a gap in the US lingerie market for women of diverse shapes and sizes, the opportunity seemed too good to ignore. “It might sound weird [...]

How Uruguay implemented its computer science education program

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Computer science (CS) education helps students acquire skills such as computational thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration.1 It has been linked with higher rates of college enrollment (Brown & Brown, 2020; Salehi et al., 2020), and a recent randomized control trial showed that lessons in computational thinking improved student response inhibition, planning, and coding skills (Arfé et al., 2020). [...]

Businessmen and investors of reference in the region highlight entrepreneurial ecosystem in Uruguay in renewed edition of Punta Tech

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The business and technological world met again, this time in a blended format, virtual and face to face, at the 13th edition of Punta Tech Meetup. The business and technological world met again, this time in a blended format, virtual and face to face, at the 13th edition of Punta Tech Meetup. What began as [...]

Thriving tech scene allows Uruguay to shine during pandemic

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Silicon Valley paying attention to small nation following emergence of unicorn and Covid app Sandwiched between the giant economies of Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay has traditionally been at a disadvantage when it came to attracting foreign investment into its promising tech sector. But with the recent emergence of the country’s first unicorn and another company [...]

Gonzalo Moratorio: Coronavirus hunter

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Nature’s 10: ten people who helped shape science in 2020 A virologist aided Uruguay’s successful response to the new coronavirus. BY EMILIANO RODRÍGUEZ MEGA The Nature’s 10 list explores key developments in science this year and some of the people who played important parts in these milestones. Along with their colleagues, these individuals helped to make [...]

Siigo Expands Latin American Presence to Uruguay By Joining Forces with Memory

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Siigo, the leading ERP software company for small- and medium-businesses (SMBs) in Colombia, today announced that it has joined forces with Memory, a leading ERP provider for SMBs in Uruguay. This acquisition marks Siigo's second geographic expansion in less than three months, after acquiring Contífico, ERP software provider in Ecuador in August 2020. Siigo received [...]

Uruguay’s unified response to COVID-19 has helped it avoid the same fate as its neighbours

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There's a national proverb that sums up the democratic spirit of Uruguay: "Where nobody is better than anybody else". When I was moving back to Australia from South America in 2013, this small liberal country introduced same-sex marriage, tackled complex issues like the legalisation of marijuana and then rounded out the year by celebrating the [...]

Uruguay has it’s first unicorn company

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The fintech company dLocal was valued at over USD 1 billion, reflecting the potential of Uruguay's digital services sector. With a global approach, a vocation for innovation, and young talent as its main distinctive features, the Uruguayan fintech dLocal became the first Uruguayan unicorn company. This is a rating that emerging businesses receive when they exceed a valuation of [...]

Zara (Inditex) Picks dLocal to Support e-Commerce Operations in Uruguay and Paraguay

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dLocal’s platform accepts local payments in Uruguay and Paraguay, providing a seamless experience for customers. dLocal, an award-winning fintech company that specializes in cross-border payments for emerging markets, announced today that it is supporting Zara’s e-commerce operations in Uruguay and Paraguay through the use of its payments platform. This provides an enhanced online shopping experience [...]

Uruguay: a Tiny Country Turned Mighty Nearshore Outsourcing Hub

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Uruguay might not come immediately to mind when it comes to Latin American nearshore powerhouses, yet its potential, talented pool of developers and facilities for foreign companies has definitely made this little South American destination worth a more thorough look. Discover what has earned Uruguay the nickname “The Silicon Valley of South America” and what [...]

YVY Life Sciences, A Cannabis Success Story In Uruguay

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Green open spaces and sunshine. The dream of the countryside. The longing for a quiet life: fresh air, slow times, calm. Thus, in that search, a couple of serial entrepreneurs - her an Uruguayan, him a South African - settled in Canelones, in rural Montevideo, and founded YVY Life Science, a medical cannabis company that [...]

Building Back Better – Greening dairy production in the Santa Lucia watershed of Uruguay

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In the days of the COVID-19 pandemic, when hardship and uncertainty have hit many economic sectors around the world, including meat and dairy production, Uruguay’s management of a previous crisis lends hope for a sustainable recovery. Uruguay, a country of 3.5 million people, produces enough milk to supply about 20 million people and is a [...]