Ketchum Compass: A Conversation with Jaime Miller, Executive Director, Uruguay XXI

Ketchum Compass is a rapid-fire Q&A series by Ketchum Travel & Economic Development featuring insights from tourism/hospitality and country brand/investment promotion experts from across the globe to help guide other Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs)/travel brands and Economic Development Organizations (EDOs)/country brand agencies in the right direction or spark ideas.

In our next edition of Ketchum Compass, we are joined by Jaime Miller, Executive Director of Uruguay XXI, who shares insights on how Uruguay has been able to take the reins to guide the country forward amidst COVID. Uruguay surely is the epitome of the best things come in small packages.

Uruguay’s international reputation and image abroad is very respected, how do you consistently deliver on these high standards?

Our quality of life, our stability, security, hospitality and respect for the rule of law have a long tradition and permanence. These conditions as well as the strength of our institutions are key differentials in our position within Latin America for investors and travellers.

We offer a reliable inclusive country with the best stability indicators in the region, one of the highest levels of economic freedom in the region and access to relevant markets such as Mercosur and Mexico.

What if any, new opportunities did the pandemic bring that wouldn’t have otherwise?

Since the pandemic began, the quick reaction of the recently elected new government could show us as a resilient country with a sanitary system in excellent conditions to cope with the unexpected. We could very evidently prove that the country had the necessary infrastructure and services to operate 100% remotely from home the day after the pandemic was declared. This positioned Uruguay as a reliable hub for global services such as BPO, Contact Center and Software Development. It also showcased Uruguay’s consolidated audiovisual production industry, becoming the first country in Latin America that was able to shoot commercial and film productions. The industry is now positioned to set a record of exports in film production services for 2021.

What top 2 takeaways can other country agencies similar to yours learn from your great efforts managing your country Brand during the pandemic?

The main takeaway is, showcase the values beneath the brand. The pandemic showed that the long-standing values of Uruguay in terms of respect for the institutions, freedom with responsibility and public information transparency, were the foundations of our success in managing the crisis.

In three words only, can you describe what makes Uruguay an attractive destination for productive investments?

Free, stable and predictable.

What is an item on your remote desk you cannot live without?

Alcohol gel is always present.

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