Loog Guitars: A sweet strummer

A sweet strummer

The New York Times once again recommends the guitar of the Uruguayan company Loog Guitars as the best gift for the youngest members of the family.

Loog Mini Acoustic Guitar

When our oldest son turned 3, my husband and I gave him a glossy red Loog Mini Acoustic Guitar. We listen to a lot of music, and his uncles all play the guitar, so I wanted him to start connecting with a musical instrument. We didn’t expect him to play it (he didn’t), but we did want him to love it (he did). By the time he turned 5, he had “played” too many rock concerts with his axe to count. He’s ready for some sit-down instruction—and so is the guitar, which has stood up well to its status as a daily favorite. An actual instrument, the Mini has nylon strings (the first three strings on a real guitar, making the transition to a 6-string easier), and it is a comfortable fit for little hands. My kid learned to correctly hold this guitar and how to strum, and he’s learning even more with the help of the Mini’s included flash cards and the app, which features a tuner and video lessons. (The Mini is suggested for ages 3 and older; the starting age for the next model up, the Pro Acoustic, is 8; and the Pro VI Acoustic is for ages 12 and older.) Whether or not our son grows up to be the next Dave Grohl, the Mini has made quite an impression: He’s asked for the electric version next. (Loog is about to launch its newly designed electric guitars, complete with built-in amps.)

—Ingrid Skjong



Original publication in The 19 Best Gifts for 5-Year-Olds The New York Times

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