Uruguay maps out a route to pioneer “green” hydrogen

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Uruguay wants to follow "the decarbonization route" by betting on green hydrogen with an eye on transport and industry, as part of a pilot plan to attract investment. Green hydrogen, a technology that is still under development, is “an important bet” for a country like Uruguay, which has “abundant” renewable energy and seeks to be [...]

One of Greenest Utilities to Seek Backers for Uruguay Power Line

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Uruguay’s state-run electric utility plans to ask local pension funds and other investors to back development of a $250 million transmission line to make its grid more reliable and expand its ability to sell excess power to neighboring countries. The 240-kilometer (150-mile) line will be financed in part through a stock or bond offering early [...]

Uruguay has the leading Mega Pharma plant in Latin America

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The plant demanded an investment of USD 110 million and is located in Parque de las Ciencias Free Trade Zone. The multinational company Mega Pharma opened Mega Labs on March 7. The pharmaceutical plant stands out as the group’s leading and most advanced in Latin America. It’s located in Parque de las Ciencias, at the [...]

Uruguay seeks Finnish investment in timber industry

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Montevideo, Mar 11 (EFE)- Timber and furniture industry representatives from Finland are visiting Uruguay this week, exploring investments to expand the sector in the South American country. The visit is part of the Uruguay-Finland 2015 Timber and Furniture Forum organized by the Foreign Ministry with support from the Uruguay XXI Investment and Export Promotion Institute "We have [...]