The Museum of Contemporary American Art grows and takes shape

According to the creator of the project, Pablo Atchugarry, the museum will open its doors to the public in January 2022.

The works for the Museum of Contemporary American Art (MACA) project are progressing rapidly in the Manantiales area at the Pablo Atchugarry Foundation.

Atchugarry indicated that the objective of the ‘MACA’ project is to make national art known to both Uruguayan and international audiences.

“The idea is that it be a point in what is the culture in Uruguay. The vocation of American art understood as the entire continent and therefore a very good representation of national art as well as the art of other countries of the continent Atchugarry said.

The creator of the project pointed out that the design of the architect Carlos Ott is “extraordinary” and the shape of the building “is the protagonist”.

“We plan to inaugurate exactly one year from now, on January 8, 2022, we hope to be free of the pandemic and that people can travel from all over the world,” he said.

Along these lines, Atchugarry assured that the visit to the Museum and the property that contains it will be an experience “between art, nature and architecture.”

For his part, Carlos Ott explained that the building has a “sensual” structure to accompany the curves of the park where it is located and is being made with Eucalyptus Grandis wood from Uruguay that are taken to France to give it the appropriate shape for installation in the new museum.


Source: Archiworldys

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