Uruguay: best Latin-American country in the Inclusive Development Index

Uruguay is placed in the sixth place among developing economies in the Global ranking of Inclusive Development Index.

The world Economic Forum presented the report Inclusive Developing index (IDI) that measure the performance of 109 countries.

The Inclusive Development Index (IDI) is based on 12 performance indicators. In order to provide a more complete measure of economic development than GDP growth alone, the index has three pillars — Growth and Development, Inclusion and Intergenerational Equity, and Sustainability. In these frameworks there are different sub-pillars like per capita income, labor productivity, media household income, health life expectancy, poverty, inequality, public debt and carbon emissions.

The index is divided in two: advanced economies in one side (the 30 more richest countries) and developing economies in the other. Uruguay is placed in this second group and is considered a country of medium high income.

Uruguay is sixth in this second index (that includes 79 countries), being the best placed Latin-American country, above Panama, Costa Rica, Chile and Argentina.

Among the advanced economies, Norway is at the top, followed by Luxembourg (2nd), Switzerland (3rd), Iceland (4th) and Denmark (5th). Other nations in the top ten advanced economies are Sweden (6th), Netherlands (7th), Australia (8th), New Zealand (9th) and Austria (10th).

Lithuania tops the list of 79 developing economies that also features Azerbaijan and Hungary at second and third positions, respectively. Others in the top ten are Poland (4th), Romania (5th), Uruguay (6th), Latvia (7th), Panama (8th), Costa Rica (9th) and Chile (10th). Romania has the same punctuation as Uruguay, but is placed in the fifth position due to a better performance in the past five years.

Uruguay has a global index of 4.53 (Norway, for example has 6.02), with an improvement of 4.2% in its global indexes considering the previous ranking.

Regarding the sub-index qualifications, Uruguay has an excellent performance in median income (first in the list of 79 countries), growth and development (fifth place), per capita GDP (sixth) life expectancy (eight). In the indexes to improve were Intergenerational Equity (42) and public debt (62).

Source: Montevideo Portal

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