Uruguay leads the Idere Latam ranking

Of the 182 regions surveyed, 13 have a high level of development; Uruguay is in the first position.

Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina are the only countries in Latin America that have regions with a high level of development, according to a survey that gathers eight universities and local study centers, including the Getulio Vargas Foundation.

The data comes from the first iteration of the Idere Latam (Regional Development Index for Latin America), a tool that measures development at the territorial level of eight Latin countries. The surveyed locations account for 82% of the entire Latin American population.

“Idere is a tool that aims to support governmental decision-making with a focus on policies that face the challenges of social inequality and human development,” says Eduardo Grin, a professor at FGV EAESP (School of Business Administration of São Paulo).

The index was built before the Covid-19 pandemic and considers 25 variables through eight dimensions: Education, Health, Well-being and Cohesion, Economic Activity, Institutions, Security, Environment, and Gender.


Source: Folha de S. Paulo


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