Uruguay ranks sixth worldwide in LTE coverage

According to a report issued by OpenSignal, Uruguay ranks 6th in the world in LTE coverage, and 29th in download speed.

OpenSignal, an international firm that is continuously analyzing the quantity and quality of wireless networks worldwide, published its report for the month of September.

In this report Uruguay ranks sixth in LTE coverage, reaching 84% nationwide.

In terms of speed, our country ranks 29th worldwide with 15 MB/s. In America, only Canada, Dominican Republic and Brazil rank higher.

Overall, the report confirms the trend in recent years, where Asian countries such as South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong offer the best coverage (97, 90 and 86% respectively), whilst the United States follows close, with 787%. Performance displayed by European countries has been diverse but they tend to stand “mid-chart”, reports The Verge.

Countries such as Sweden, Germany and USA, who pioneered the introduction of LTE connectivity, are paying the price of their own success, featuring large networks and an almost complete coverage, but not being able to achieve the same results in terms of speed.

In this respect, the report brings forth the case of South Korea as an example to follow, since it is a country that is constantly expanding its network into new frequencies and increasing its capacity. Therefore, it has achieved great coverage without the shortcoming of a decrease in download speed.

Source: Montevideo Portal

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