According to the report “Measuring the Information Society”, published annually by the United Nations International Telecommunication Union, Uruguay has reached the highest level in the development of Information Technology (IT) in Latin America. At world level, Uruguay climbed three positions and ranked in 47th place.

The ICT Development Index is elaborated from the aggregation of three Sub indexes: the access to IT, the use of IT and the development of skills associated with IT. These sub-indexes are elaborated from the aggregation of different variables (see figure 1).

Uruguay ranked first in Latin America in the first two sub-indexes and is in the fourth place in the third sub-index. This is due to the excellent positioning that the country has in most of the variables analyzed: it is the regional leader in all the variables related to indicators of access to IT.

In addition, Uruguay has the largest percentage of households with computers and Internet access. It is also the leader in the number of fixed and cellular telephony subscribers and in Internet bandwidth.