Our project consisted of centralizing in one single country all BASF group’s accounting services, from Alaska to La Patagonia. We chose Uruguay for three key elements. In the first place, the State. It had to boast a stable economy and society, ease of doing business, no heavy paperwork and low crime rate and corruption levels. On the other hand, we carry data. If you carry data, you need appropriate equipment and technology to operate uninterruptedly and with quality. Finally, the most important aspect is people, naturally. Because this service is powered by people. We found in Uruguay a strong source of highly-skilled professionals who graduate from its world-class universities every year. We took all these factors into account and it has become increasingly clear to us that Uruguay is a very good choice.

Berthold Ebner, Managing Director BASF Services Americas
Zhang Sheng Bing, Yutong

Since 1987, when the forestry law was passed, the various governments have set stable conditions for the development of the forest industry, allowing for its development and maturity.

Ronald Beare, UPM
Gabriel Calderón, Playwright

The country provides an ideal environment for the development of software industry. Uruguay’s advantages as service outsourcing center were crucial in the establishment of Tata Consultancy Services development center.

Gabriel Rozman
Ec. Erwin Kaufmann, Montes del Plata

The country brand means we can protect our production and add value for the client.

Roberto Kreimerman, Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining / Country Brand Event, December 2014
First citrus export to the United States

If Richard Branson were a country, he would be Uruguay because he is an innovator but again disciplined, he is not afraid of trying new things, of having a vision without the fear to experience it.

Theresa Rice, Corporate Communication expert / Country Brand Event, December 2014
Guo Junliang, ZTE Corporation

The country brand is not a static thing, it is a process that does not result in an image or slogan, it has to stem from the consistent work of many institutional areas in the country, everything that comes from the brand communicates on what we are.

Mario Bergara, Minister of Economy and Finance / Country Brand event, December 2014
Claudia Weiss, Don Baez

We chose Uruguay to set up a regional distribution center due to its strategic geographical location, its political and economic stability and its Free Port and Free Airport schemes. When you arrive in Uruguay, you discover it has the things you are looking for; but when you establish yourself here you realize that it has more benefits than you expected. I advise everyone to come to Uruguay; it is a country with many advantages.

Renato Ferreira, LOBRAUS
Diego Pomi Farriols, Bodega Traversa

I travelled for over a year around Latin America and Uruguay was the only place I felt I had to come back, it was somewhat physical. I was impressed by people’s solidarity. When someone really needs something Uruguayans give what they have, no matter how much or how little they have, they share it…

Nuria Jimenez Catalana, she has been living in Uruguay for the past two years. She is monologist.
Martín Sastre, U from Uruguay creator

Uruguay is a good country not only for trade, for investment but also because the values that we cultivate make it an excellent country to live in.

Luis Porto, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs/ Country Brand Event, December 2014
Jean Shaw, Vice President of Sabre Global Customer Support Centers

The country brand is a public asset that must emanate and be promoted from the public sector in partnership with the private sector.

Juan José Taccone, IDB representative in Uruguay / Country Brand Event, December 2014
Rafael Atijas, Loog Guitars

In the last 10 years there has been a positive context for those who wish to work and make progress in the farming area. And all this with great respect for farmers. In turn, as farmers we knew how to respond to the responsibility that had been confided to us by the country. It can be seen in the genetics of the animals every year at El Prado and in the meat quotas we have achieved worldwide. INAC is present in every international food fair. Uruguay XXI also promotes all matters related to Uruguay Natural, which is highly valued in the world. A whole scenario has been set, a platform, and we leap into the world.

Patricia Damiani, Farming entrepreneur / Empresas & Negocios Magazine - January 2015
Sofía Gruss, Cápita