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Uruguay’s Country Brand

The Country Brand

A country brand acts like an umbrella, as a reference frame, as quality indicator, not only of the products and services it offers, but also of its touristic sites, and as an investment country, internally creating a feeling of national pride. It integrates both the public and private sectors, to transmit every available advantage, thus benefiting the country as a whole.

The logo resorts to a mixed symbolic verbal and iconic way, making reference to its name by using the initial “U” and to the institutional context by way of the national flag. It represents a person with raised arms. The colors of the logo are inspired by the national flag: blue and yellow.

Why does Uruguay mean quality of life?

Because it is a country that respects nature, and has carefully and harmoniously become a part of it. It is a country that seeks to develop its full potential, without compromising its identity and values, offering stability and security so we can all grow.

It takes care of its people, providing as much as possible for their development.

Uruguay is an open and accessible country based on respect and cooperation that tends to balance dedication and hard work with leisure and is underpinned by two core attributes: a particular and unique spirit and harmony in its broadest and deepest sense.

It is a country that conveys the complete uniqueness and originality of its being in every action, every word, every undertaking and achievement.