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What is the Country Brand?

It is the graphic, nominal and symbolic representation that identifies a country and distinguishes it from all the rest, making it unique. It is a process that involves building and protecting the country's international reputation and its image abroad. A clear and well-positioned image adds value to the products manufactured in the country.

How can it help?

A country brand acts like an umbrella, as a reference frame, as quality indicator, not only of the products and services it offers, but also of its touristic sites, and as an investment country, internally creating a feeling of national pride. It integrates both the public and private sectors, to transmit every available advantage, thus benefiting the country as a whole.

Country Brand objectives

To promote exports, investments, tourism and residence and identification of the national public with the country brand.

A brand is a name, a term, a sign, a symbol, a design, or a combination of these elements, which objective is to identify the goods and services of an organization and which is useful to efficiently differentiate themselves in an environment where other similar products, services or organizations exist.

Joseph-Francesc Valls, “Country Brand Image”