22 new companies from the most varied industries joined Uruguay Natural to promote products and services

Uruguay XXI’s CEO, Antonio Carámbula, noted that the new products and services companies that signed up to the use of the Uruguay Natural brand exceeded 100 firms from different industries. The agency manages the brand and the platform facilitates the insertion of products from companies with an exporting profile in emerging markets and the attraction of investments to the country, he commented.

In the Ministry of Tourism, 22 new companies from different industries executed on Thursday 1st the agreement for using the Uruguay Natural country brand on their products and services. To date, there are over 100 companies with export capacity who have joined the promotional strategy.

The event celebrating the agreement was attended by the Minister and Deputy Minister of Tourism, Liliam Kechichian and Benjamín Liberoff; the Tourism director, Carlos Faggeti, Uruguay XXI’s CEO, Antonio Carámbula, and representatives from 22 companies operating in industries as diverse as education, food, fragrances, beverages, textiles, consulting, decoration, cuisine, industrial design, tourism, art, weaving, entrepreneurship, among others.

Kechichian noted that “the diversity of businesses and sectors enriches Uruguay Natural as a platform that contributes to position Uruguay and represents an important contribution to the country we are building together.”

Carámbula told the Communications Secretariat that agreements materialize with the imprint of the Uruguay Natural brand logo on the company websites, the packaging of products, labels, or through sponsoring contracts.

Uruguay XXI manages the brand and once an agreement has been signed with a company it keeps track to ensure it complies with it.

The CEO stated that the country brand cooperates with companies in entering into new markets, placing their products and attracting investments into the country. In this regard there is a shared responsibility with the government, university and the private sector, particularly the exporter of goods and services and the media.

Carámbula showed that there are signs that identify Uruguay such as beef traceability, the Plan Ceibal, artists and football players that also help the country brand positioning.

The signatory companies on this occasion were: Academia Uruguay, El Almacén de los Chicos, Anele Norab, Birra Bizarra, Café Costura, Carlos Pico Consultora, Centro de Promoción por la Dignidad Humana, Cindy Kleist, Cook, Dorotea, Easyway, Fundación e.dúcate, Feral.

The agreement was also executed by Instituto Tecnológico Colonia, Lo de Silverio, María Lasarga Joyería Contemporánea, Menini Nicola, Montevideo Inteligente, Portón de San Pedro, Puro Punto, Sinergia Tech, StartUp M3, UruguayPass and woOw!

Source: Presidency


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