ILO recognizes Uruguay for its policies in tripartite labor, social dialogue, negotiation and social protection

The General Director of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), Guy Ryder, led the delegation that visited Uruguay and which also includes the American director, José Manuel Salazar, and the director for the Southern Cone, Fabio Bertranou.

As part of the contacts they have had with government officials, the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Ernesto Murro, said the visit of the highest authorities of the ILO to Uruguay is “a recognition to the country, for its social dialogue, negotiation between employers and employees, and developments in labor and social protection”.

Murro also noted that the recognition of the ILO “is added to the recent announcement made by the United Nations Organization (UN) which qualified Uruguay as having a“high human development”.

The Secretary of State also stressed the importance of a World Bank report, which indicated that “83% of people who went out of extreme poverty or indigence in Uruguay did so for work and wages”.

8 hours

Meanwhile, Ryder stressed the importance of the centenary of the law of 8 hours for workers in Uruguay.

He also stressed the importance of having a “strong and fluid” dialogue between the government and the Uruguayan trade union movement.

Ryder highlighted the role and weight of the PIT-CNT in Uruguayan society, which was won through their struggles and its work for many years and which is also highly respected internationally.

Source: La República

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