A Spaniard actor will be Pepe Mujica

Spaniard actor Antonio de La Torre is part of the cast from the movie Memorias del calabozo (Dungeon Memories), directed by the Uruguayan Alvaro Brechner, and adapted from the same titled book wrote by Eleuterio Fernández Huidobro.

The actor was in Uruguay and talked with Mujica, Henry Hengler and Fernández Huidobro among other former Tupamaros leaders, in order to prepare his role. He declared to the Spaniard newspaper El País that he met them for the first time in July 2016. “I am moved when I remember Huidobro, because he share with us a priceless time and died 10 days after”.

De La Torre has a long and recognized career in the Spaniard cinema, with a Goya award and roles in movies directed by Pedro Almodóvar and Alex de la Iglesia.

“My first question to Mujica was: ‘How do you survive?’. He did it based on routine and developing his ideological thoughts”, tell the actor.

De La Torre said that parallelisms between Mujica and the leader of The Antiapartheid movement Nelson Mandela were evident.

Eleuterio Fernández Huidobro will be played by the Uruguayan actor Alfonso Tort (25 Watts, El 5 de Talleres), meanwhile the Argentinean Ricardo Darín will be Mauricio Rosencof. The shooting will start on March 6.

Source: El País

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