Vietnam opens up to Uruguayan citrus

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Vietnam has opened its market to Uruguayan citrus, as confirmed by Chancellor Ernesto Talvi. This opening is the result of efforts initiated in the previous period of government and continued in the current period. The achievement is the result of intense negotiations, which began in the administration and continued in the current, from the offices [...]

City Football Group to build fourth campus in Uruguay by 2021

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The City Football Group have announced that Uruguay will be home to their fourth fourth major training facility. On top of Manchester City’s facilities, they have completed similar projects for their Major League Soccer side New York City FC and A-League outfit Melbourne City. Now CFG have announced plans to build a new campus to [...]

Uruguayan economic activity growths despite recessions in the region

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According to the quarterly report on Uruguayan economy, Uruguay in Focus, made by the Ministry of Finance, the economic activity in Uruguay picked-up during the third quarter of 2016, despite recessions in neighboring countries. Leading economic indicators, consumer confidence and record-high tourist arrivals during the summer season suggest that growth momentum, carried into the last [...]

Angela Merkel. “Uruguay could be the engine towards the battle for free trade”

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After the meeting with Uruguayan president Tabaré Vazquez, German chancellor Angela Merkel said she hoped to make progress in negotiations for a free trade agreement between Germany and the Mercosur. Before the visit of president Vazquez, Merkel talked about Uruguay in her weekly radio program. She said that Germans know about Uruguay because its “good [...]

According to the Inter-American Development Bank, Uruguay is the country with the biggest middle class of the Americas

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A social study from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) entitled Social Pulse in Latin America and the Caribbean 2016: Realities & Perspectives, says that Uruguay is the country with the biggest middle class in the region and explains the reasons why. The IDB report about realities and perspectives in Latin America and the Caribbean, indicates [...]

Uruguay improves its position in entrepreneurship ranking

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A better performance in entrepreneurship human capital, cultural conditions and public policies explains the improvement. Uruguay is ranked in the fourth place at a regional level and 39 in a global level in the Systemic Conditions for Dynamic Entrepreneurship ranking, made by the Entrepreneur Development Program (Prodem) of the General Sarmiento University (Argentina). This report, [...]

China opened its market to Uruguayan blueberries

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The company Gamorel will make the first shipment on October. China opened its market to Uruguayan blueberries. The fruit is considered “the XXI century fruit” for its taste and its health benefits. In addition, Uruguay along with Argentina, will host the next International Blueberry Organization’s 2016 summit in September Regarding the opening of the Chinese [...]

The most important investment in Uruguayan history

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The Finnish pulp and paper company UPM is planning to build its second plant in Uruguay. It will be the country’s third cellulose plant and will be located at the basin of Rio Negro’s river. The Uruguayan government and UPM will define in 60 days four task groups to work on issues related to infrastructure, [...]

Uruguayan software entering into the future

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Software sales represent 1.82% of the Uruguayan GDP and for 2020 the exports will sum 1000 million dollars. But the loss of workforce is a setback to keep growing. Because of that reason hiring foreign workers is an attractive option for an 83% of software companies. From the outside it looks like the house of [...]

Uruguay won US Access for Bone-in Sheep Meat

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Opinion piece appeared in El Observador Agropecuario. By Pedro Silva Uruguayans sheep producers are close to a dream fulfillment: The United States authorization to export bone-in sheep meat. It is the most valuable meat and the best paid. It will be an effort finally fulfilled through hard work, the result of political and economic good [...]

Montevideo airport plans to build a photovoltaic plant this year

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Puerta del Sur, Carrasco International Airport licensee firm and Uruguay Natural brand partner, introduced the airport new air conditioning system, which will save the energy use equivalent of 500 homes during a year. They also have plans for a photovoltaic plant to become self-sustaining. Olga Otegui, energy national director, pointed out both undertakings as role [...]

“Uruguay started to build a National Climate Change Policy for the next 40 years”

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Ramón Méndez is the driven force behind Uruguay’s energy diversification. Recently, Fortune magazine included Mendez in their 2016’ 50 World Greatest leaders poll. In this interview Méndez tells about the process made by Uruguay for a consensual national energy policy and the steps completed to challenge climate change, making the country a Global role model. [...]