Udelar and Institut Pasteur developed diagnostic tests for the new coronavirus

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A team of scientists has developed a test assay that will help diagnose whether people are carriers of coronavirus. The information was confirmed to Subrayado by Udelar's teaching prorector, Juan Cristina and Gonzalo Moratorio, both are directors of the Molecular Virology Laboratory of the Faculty of Sciences, where the research was carried out in conjunction [...]

Uruguay Week in the UK was a success

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Uruguay XXI showcased opportunities in Pharma, Medicinal Cannabis and Creative Industries. In September, Uruguay Week was held in the United Kingdom, with activities organized by the investment, export and country brand promotion agency, Uruguay XXI, the Embassy of Uruguay in the United Kingdom, the British Embassy in Montevideo and the Department of International Trade of [...]

Uruguayan scientist awarded

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The Uruguayan scientist Rafael Radi received the 2016 Mexico Science and Technology Award (Premio México de Ciencia y Tecnología), one of the most important scientific awards in Ibero-America. This distinction granted by Mexico’s president is given since 1990 “to a person of recognized professional prestige who has made a significant contribution to universal scientific knowledge [...]

How Uruguayans changed their interaction with internet over the years

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According to the 2016 Uruguayan Internet-User Profile, eight among ten Uruguayans are internet users and the digital divide is declining in the different segments of the population. Without smartphones, mobile internet or social networks. If you close your eyes and imagine you are in the beginning of the 2000 decade, you would find a world [...]

ANTEL received awards as best Latin American Data Center and best service provider

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It is the first time a company wins in two categories. After the new Antel Data Center “Ing. José Luis Massera” got the very demanding UPTIME INSTITUTE certificates in design and construction it received two important international awards from the DCD (Data Center Dynamics) Latam Awards in a ceremony held in Mexico City. The CDC [...]

The new Uruguayan apps

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After the success of apps like Pedidos Ya, Paganza and Bullet Boy, other local applications arise. When talking about domestic industry, software is often placed in the last position. But, Uruguay is become in the last years a technological pole and a developer of software and applications, not only meant for the local market. A [...]

From Uruguay, a Model for Making Abortion Safer

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By Patrick Adams - New York Times With the announcement in April that the Zika virus spreading across Latin America can cause microcephaly in the womb, leaders across the region have come under increased pressure to relax some of the world’s most restrictive laws against abortion. Only two countries in Latin America have made abortion [...]

Uruguayan software entering into the future

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Software sales represent 1.82% of the Uruguayan GDP and for 2020 the exports will sum 1000 million dollars. But the loss of workforce is a setback to keep growing. Because of that reason hiring foreign workers is an attractive option for an 83% of software companies. From the outside it looks like the house of [...]

A data center with 40,000 servers puts Uruguay’s telecommunications company in the Global market

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Google, Facebook and Netflix will house their data in Latin America’s most modern data center, which has four rooms with 1,000 racks prepared to carry 40,000 servers. The enormous building located in the city of Pando, has 12,500 square meters and is Uruguay’s biggest and one of the region’s most important data centers. The new [...]

“Uruguay started to build a National Climate Change Policy for the next 40 years”

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Ramón Méndez is the driven force behind Uruguay’s energy diversification. Recently, Fortune magazine included Mendez in their 2016’ 50 World Greatest leaders poll. In this interview Méndez tells about the process made by Uruguay for a consensual national energy policy and the steps completed to challenge climate change, making the country a Global role model. [...]

The discovery of offshore oil in Uruguay and its multiple scenarios

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Oil companies Total and ExxonMobil started drilling in the Uruguayan maritime platform searching for hydrocarbons. Uruguayan Industry minister Carolina Cosse said that the results are expected in 100 days, but Andrés Tierno Abreu – Uruguayan member of the World Petroleum Council- alleged that it would depend on different factors. The well is being made in [...]

Uruguay Opens Latin America’s First Sustainable School

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Jaureguiberry, a city in the southern Uruguayan province of Canelones, has opened the first sustainable public school in Latin America after three and a half months of construction with recycled materials, officials said. The school’s grand opening on Wednesday drew national officials, teachers, students and local residents. The Early and Primary Education Council, or CEIP, [...]