Loog Guitars: A sweet strummer

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A sweet strummer The New York Times once again recommends the guitar of the Uruguayan company Loog Guitars as the best gift for the youngest members of the family. Loog Mini Acoustic Guitar When our oldest son turned 3, my husband and I gave him a glossy red Loog Mini Acoustic Guitar. We listen to a [...]

Gonzalo Moratorio: Coronavirus hunter

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Nature’s 10: ten people who helped shape science in 2020 A virologist aided Uruguay’s successful response to the new coronavirus. BY EMILIANO RODRÍGUEZ MEGA The Nature’s 10 list explores key developments in science this year and some of the people who played important parts in these milestones. Along with their colleagues, these individuals helped to make [...]

Uruguay has it’s first unicorn company

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The fintech company dLocal was valued at over USD 1 billion, reflecting the potential of Uruguay's digital services sector. With a global approach, a vocation for innovation, and young talent as its main distinctive features, the Uruguayan fintech dLocal became the first Uruguayan unicorn company. This is a rating that emerging businesses receive when they exceed a valuation of [...]

70 years on from the ‘Maracanazo’, Brazil and Uruguay cannot forget

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Brazil great Pele was nine years old when his country suffered the “Maracanazo” trauma as Uruguay came from behind to win 2-1 in Rio de Janeiro to claim the 1950 World Cup. Pele’s father burst into tears when the winning goal was scored by Alcides Ghiggia. The young Pele promised his father he would win [...]

Uruguay Set to Amp Up its Cash Rebates, Fiscal Incentives

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Uruguay’s relatively new cash rebates, which attracted the likes of Keanu Reeves-produced Netflix series “Conquest” to shoot in the capital of Montevideo, is primed for expansion by the new film-friendly government led by new President Luis Lacalle Pou, who was sworn in on March 1. “The government is deeply committed to supporting the audiovisual industry, [...]

The biologist on the hunt for extracellular ribosomes

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A serendipitous finding led Juan Pablo Tosar to uncover the protein-making machinery outside cells — a discovery that has scientists rethinking fundamental assumptions. If Juan Pablo Tosar hadn’t been so forgetful, he would never have stumbled across a finding that threatens to upend a basic tenet of cell biology. In 2016, two months after he [...]

Uruguay’s ‘Summer Hit,’ ‘Las rojas,’ ‘Mateína,’ Set for Cannes’ Producers Network

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Pablo Stoll’s “Summer Hit,” Matías Lucchessi’s “Las rojas,” Joaquín Peñagaricano and Pablo Abdala’s “Mateína” are some of the Uruguayan projects at different stages participating in a spotlight at Cannes’ Producers Network on the Marché du Film’s digital platform on Tuesday 23. Five Uruguayan companies, Tarkiofilm, Cimarrón, Montelona, Nadador and Salado, have been selected by the [...]

11 startups in Uruguay to keep an eye on in 2020

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We know d-Local and PedidosYa are some of the most funded startups in Uruguay, but they’re not the only companies with real value in the country. I feel like Uruguayan startups are like hidden creatures, but once you spot them, you start discovering more and more. Therefore, I searched far and wide, meditated a lot, [...]

Uruguay Can Launches The World’s First Traceability Platform On Blockchain For Medical Cannabis

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Uruguay Can has released a new platform built on æternity (a decentralized and scalable blockchain) that allows complete traceability in cultivation of medical cannabis. The platform development is the result of 8 months’ work carried on by Inmind, and will be put into operation next June and July during the planting phase. Every phase in [...]

How Uruguay Attracts and Incentivizes Feature Film Productions | Interview with Martín Papich

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Uruguay is on a mission to strengthen its audiovisual industries and to make the country an attractive destination for international productions. In our interview with film maker Pepi Goncalvez we already heard about the reasons for choosing Uruguay as place to live and work. Curious about the government’s perspective on the topic, during our Uruguay [...]

Maria Noel Riccetto nominated for the most prestigious ballet award

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Maria Noel Riccetto first dancer of the Ballet Nacional Sodre (BNS) received a nomination for the Prix Benois de la Danse, one of the most prestigious ballet awards. Founded by the International Dance Association in Moscow in 1992, the award is considered the “Ballet Oscar” and takes place each year. The members of the jury [...]

Uruguay Is Betting Size Doesn’t Matter in Global Caviar Market

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Beef and wine producer Uruguay is branching out into a product not normally associated with the pampas of South America -caviar. And it isn’t just any caviar, it’s premium ossetra caviar, and give it another few years, the even more expensive beluga caviar. The country’s largest producer, Esturiones del Rio Negro SA, is in talks with a European investor and [...]