Uruguay has the leading Mega Pharma plant in Latin America

The plant demanded an investment of USD 110 million and is located in Parque de las Ciencias Free Trade Zone.

The multinational company Mega Pharma opened Mega Labs on March 7. The pharmaceutical plant stands out as the group’s leading and most advanced in Latin America. It’s located in Parque de las Ciencias, at the intersection between routes 101 and 102.

The 22.000 square meters plant demanded an investment of USD 110 million for its construction. 350 people will work on the plant and 1800 pharmaceutical and biotechnological products will be manufactured there.

Mega Pharma – a strategic alliance made by laboratories Roemmers, Rowe, Poen, Medihealth, Panalab, Raymos, among others, is the main driver of Parque de las ciencias – www.parquedelasciencias.net – a free trade zone focused in pharmaceutics and scientific research.

The recently opened plant has a research center to make pharmaceutical quality control and the development of new medicines, something that was not made in Uruguay until now.

Although Mega Pharma -who has plans to export to 18 Latin American markets- is Parque de las Ciencias’ main project, there are also another companies that make drug package and labeling, located in the free trade zone.

In the near future, Eriochem laboratory plans to build a control quality plant with an investment of USD 6 million in a first step and USD 9 million in a second one.

Source: El Observador

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